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Fifa investments 2018 is a social business organization. We need investment that will revolutionize the sport. We are working hard on this and we know that this achievement will put football world cup '18 a new status within the sports industry. It will be the best year in the history of the sport. Our objective is to develop the modality more and more internationally and support football world cup '18. We managed to bring major sponsors and investors who believe in our project. It is the realization of a dream.

In program we have included several hundred former football players who work as coaches and managers. We have developed a program called "Career after career" in which we try to help ex-football players to continue their football career in a way as coaches and managers.

FIFA is ready to support this program over the football federation members. The aim is to enable the former football players to do what they most know and love, to convey their knowledge to younger generations, with our help. In this project we have, with former football players who are known on local and national levels, also involve some big names of world football. We also have support from other former well known football players.

Recreational football is core business of our "Fifa investments 2018". Through organized programs of tournaments, championships, camps at the local, national and international level, we offer our members, high-quality facilities that bring together a number of football fans. By combining these "Fifa investments 2018" into one umbrella organization, and developing a network of new clubs throughout the world, we have more opportunities to interest potential sponsors on larger market (so sponsors can find their interest).

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